Video Anthology
Video Anthology

Józef Robakowski
video program, 1970-2000

Set of works selected personally by the artist

Essential Robakowski by Robakowski. Includes all types of video works: 35mm (1970s), 16mm (1980s), and works of video from VHS (1980s and 1990s) to the digital formats of the early 2000s. The creative quest of the legendary artist, pioneer, and experimenter is revealed through works belonging to the very history of experimental film and independent video.

The Energy Manifesto!, video, 2003, 2′
The Market, 35mm, 1970, 5′
Test I, 35mm, 1971, 5′
I Am Going…, 35mm, 1973, 3′
About My Fingers, video,1982, 5′
Nearer – Further, video, 1985, 4′
Attention: LIGHT ! (in cooperation with Wieslaw Michalak), digital video, 2004, 5′
Iddle Line, video,1992, 3′
I Am Electric, video, 1996-2005, 13′
From My Window, film/video, 1978 – 2000, 20′
Art is Power!, video, 1985, 9′