Leon Butler
installation, 2023

Harness the tools of oppression for expression

The restless panorama of CCTV feeds a mixture of video mapping, music and machine learning technology to open the landscapes of these networks and provide an evenness of access across the world. Increasingly powerful surveillance tools have shifted the power dynamics between the public and the spaces they inhabit. Surveillance performance seeks to redress this balance by adopting the tools of computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning used in ”smart” surveillance systems to create a performance. Using live feeds sourced via unsecured CCTV cameras projected in real-time, the people captured in these feeds will become performers controlling what we see in a gallery space.

Leon Butler is an artist and designer working at the intersection of art and technology. Leon´s work has been recognised by The Type Directors Club, 100 Archive, the Future Makers awards, Digital Media awards, Young Directors Awards and the Irish Design Awards. Recent shows include Emperor 101 (SxSW and Dublin Theatre Festival), Shelter and Place (Cork Midsummer), Desired (Los Angeles).

Sound design: Peter Power