Stay in Touch
Stay in Touch

Maryna Khrypun, Valerie Karpan
interactive installation, 2019-2023

Touch and feel the city space as a collective home through the memories and perceptions of others beyond the visual experiences.

Audio-tactile installation includes diverse viewers, also those with disabilities, in the interaction with a utopian object of art, which enables us to amplify multiple sensory modalities and empathise with personal spatial experiences of the others.

The object was developed on the basis of studies and research carried out during the 2018-2019 years as part of collective experiments of blind and sighted photographers. The stories, revealed in the process of interaction initially resulted from the discussions around the feeling of home beyond individual property, enriched by the experiences of homelessness shared by MiserArt members.

Since 2022, due to the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, artists personal perspective of relocation and permanent reassembling of the concept of “home” became naturally woven into the project’s plot.

The work was created at the Gaude Polonia residency at the WRO Art Center, in collaboration with MiserArt.

Maryna Khrypun and Valerie Karpan are a duo of two Ukrainian artists, who work together mostly in the field of participative art and cultural education, since their first collaboration in the course of the project ‘Exhibit it!’ (Labirynt Gallery, Lublin, Poland, 2018). Their activities are focused on the processes of communication and exchange in urban environments, visual (digital) anthropology, inclusiveness, practices of commemoration, and representation of memory and local narratives.