Retraining Laziness
Retraining Laziness

T(n)C: Agnes Varnai, Tina Kult
video installation, 2023

A human worker and a malfunctioning robot discuss the connection between poor working conditions, self-exploitation and time

Fueled by an economic system that evaluates each individual based on their productivity, humans and machines are in competition with each other. In an effort to improve in order to stay relevant and benefit the society they belong to, they find themselves in a constant mode of self-exploitation. One works because one can, and not because one must. But due to an anomaly a robot abandons the assembly lines to explore an idle and independent existence.

T(n)C was founded in 2017 by Agnes Varnai and Tina Kult. They live and work in Vienna and experiment with a wide range of media, including virtual reality, 3D, installation, film and fashion. By combining the different disciplines, they are researching immersive experiences to connect the digital and physical levels of realities. T(n)C believes in the power of joint efforts. Their aim is to expand the practices of collective storytelling with a collaborative approach. The works of the collective have been exhibited at various locations, such as Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, projectcell36,, WIENWOCHE (Austria) or Art+Text (Hungary). They were also part of the Vienna Design Week, the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin and the re;publica festival in Berlin.

Concept and realization: T(n)C
Sound: M T Hall / Madeline Hall
Voices: Aila Ben Franken, Caroline Baas
Vocal recording: Daniel Bucher
Additional 3D and animation: Péter Várnai
Text and graphic support: Sebastian Grande, Ráhel Anna Molnár

Funded by:

This work was realized within the framework of a European Media Art Platform residency program at FACT, Liverpool with support of the Creative Europe Culture Programme of the European Union.

Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES)