Cognitive disabilities
Cognitive disabilities

Małgorzata Wrońska
installation, speculative design, 2022

Fear of the lack of intersubjective perceptual experience and speculative design

Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
Supervisor: Professor Marek Domański
Studio of Photographic Imaging
bachelor’s degree

In this work, I try to evoke the creation of a situation that is meant to deprive the viewer of visual orientation and cognitive coordination. It consists of physical objects of different sizes. The objects I depict in the project seem familiar, but we are unable to guess what they are used for. The objects resemble something familiar, but it is difficult to recognize their purpose and function. The feelings that accompany the viewer when looking at this exhibition can be compared to the inability to recall a needed word in a conversation or a life event that we cannot remember. They can also be compared to the panic felt by people who experience the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. I was inspired by Oliver Sacks’ book The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. In the book, the world-renowned neurologist describes the most interesting stories of patients with damage to the left cerebral hemisphere that affected their perception, memory, or executive functions.

Małgorzata Wrońska (ig: @_malgorzata_mirovna_) – a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, majoring in Photography and Multimedia. She is interested in conceptual photography, self-portraiture, and docu-art performance. In her previous projects, she has dealt with themes of anxiety, personal experiences, and reflections related to them. Photography is a field that has allowed her to develop on many levels of art simultaneously. In her actions, she combines two-dimensional images with spatial objects, sound and sometimes moving images.