Bazaar Robbery 3
Bazaar Robbery 3

Franek Warzywa
installation, video, performance, 2022

Violence, vegetables and the rupture of the boundary between real and virtual

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Supervisors: PhD Katarzyna Bałka, PhD Piotr Kopik, PhD Monika Murawska
Studio of Sound Action Space and Studio of Virtual Events
master’s degree

Bazaar Robbery is the third part of a trilogy of the gradual appropriation and transformation of the space of Bazar na Kole in Warsaw. The place of the bazaar becomes the background for the emotional manifesto of the aggressor, self-analyzing the genesis of the act of aggression he undertook. Through the individual parts, Franek Warzywa (Frank Vegetables) moves from a digital space reproduced in the form of 3D scans to a real confrontation at the bazaar on a market day. He enters the bazaar with a leek as a weapon, thus transferring the choreography created earlier in the form of a 3D animation into reality.

Franek Warzywa (@franek_warzywa) – graduated with a master’s degree from the Faculty of Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Polish singer, painter, video artist, and internet personality. Known primarily as the vocalist of the emo-pop duo Franek Warzywa & Młody B____, as well as the trueschool rap group Francio and Robcio. He has participated in exhibitions.