The Malaise of a Lukewarm Existance
The Malaise of a Lukewarm Existance

Kacper Krajewski
immersive installation, 2022

Calibration of the human senses and an experience beyond their register

Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Intermedia Studio
Supervisor: PhD Anna Leśniak, co-supervisor: PhD Katarzyna Jóźwiak-Moskal
Collaboration: Marcin Zieliński
bachelor’s degree

The aim of the artistic exploration was to spatially explore human corporeality and investigate the structures that comprise it, including the experience of transition. The work is a site-specific installation using media such as ceramics, vibration, silicone, and hooks. In the original realization, it was arranged in the space of an anechoic chamber due to its specific properties of dampening reflected sound waves. However, with many attempts to assemble the work, it turned out that it was also possible to simulate the anechoic experience in an echoic (natural) space. The installation explores the relationship between the ceramic object, the silicone membrane, the low vibrations, the space, and the participants. I have used the effect of sensory impressions; the bodies of the audience and their position in relation to the other elements also play a role.

Kacper Krajewski (ig: _kacper_krajewski) is an artist currently studying Intermedia with a specialization in Photography at the Master’s level at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. In his art, he combines various media, focusing on the theme of corporeality and its boundaries, meaningfulness, and possibilities of expansion. As a queer person, he is interested in exploring the subtle connections between people and their environment, as well as man and himself. His work explores the network of entanglements between humans, technology, biology, and consciousness.