Small Machines
Small Machines

Sonia Kujawa
performance, installation, 2022

Unidentified drawing objects and the artistic process after the apocalypse

Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow
Supervisor: PhD Bogdan Achimescu
Department of Intermedia Art Methods
Drawing Studio
master’s degree

Small Machines is a performative installation. In its initial phase, it was intended to represent the theme of broadly defined art based on random and pseudo-random events. My starting point was to create a machine-like trace, left by primitive devices created from materials I happened to have at hand. I used modeling brush motors, gears, and eccentres, which I mounted on a moving frame made of junk, pieces of wood, and wire. This is how I created the next ‘actors’ on my stage – miniature machines equipped with a battery backpack and a drawing element (markers, pieces of charcoal, and graphite), which when set in motion create a chaotic dance and image – an echo of their being.

Sonia Kujawa studied Intermedia at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and now works on prototyping medical devices under an open-source license. As an unfulfilled fighter pilot, she feels her place is in the clouds, so that’s where she stays most of the day. She devotes her life to exploring the relationship between technology and art and finding her place between the two.