Necessity of the object
Necessity of the object

Klaudia Kasperska
light installation, 2022

Reflecting on the nature of the image and contesting the identity of digital art

Academy of Arts and Design in Wrocław
Supervisor: PhD Jakub Jernajczyk, assistant supervisor: PhD Paweł Lisek
master’s degree

This light installation is a kind of meta-object, the result of an almost sculptural attempt to physically recreate the visual impression of a digital projection illuminating certain objects. It is, as it were, a material afterimage of that projection. The artist projected the image of a test grid (onto objects gathered in the corner of her room. A test grid is a tool built into the menu of most projectors, used to calibrate and align the image on the target projection surface. This projection of a geometric grid, deposited on objects encountered in space, exposes their presence, as it were while creating their shape anew through the selective characteristics of the projector’s directional light. Deciding to work with a fiber-optic cable – which visually becomes the equivalent of the white line projected into space by the projector – piece by piece she builds up a material repetition of the luminous trace of the projection, broken down into a series of elements, preserving the spatial relations between the original objects.

Klaudia Kasperska (ig: @jestkasperska) – visual artist, light director. Graduate of the Academy of Arts and Design in Wrocław in Media Art (2022) and Jagiellonian University in Theatre Knowledge (2017). Awarded the Scholarship of the Minister and National Heritage for Outstanding Artistic Achievements (2021) and the Format Editor’s Award in the Best Diplomas competition of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (2022). To date, she has collaborated with over a hundred cultural institutions and events across Poland and abroad.
As an artist, she is concerned with exploring post-digital visual strategies, expanding issues of conscious noticing or visual thinking, and creating the dramaturgy of space through multimedia and light. Light is her favorite medium and, in her opinion, the one with the greatest creative potential in relation to the perception of the contemporary viewer. Professionally, she directs light and multimedia for theatre performances.