Ghostly plants of damaged worlds
Ghostly plants of damaged worlds

Alizée Armet
installation, 2023

Installation between worlds of technological art and bio art

This project presents a speculative vision of the possibility of albino plants appearing on soil with too many heavy metals. The plants are deprived of the ability to feed themselves and photosynthesize. The albino plants, therefore, need a host to feed on.

It is an analysis of a landscape haunted by past lifestyles. The material of the “polluted soil” is the most important element. These destroyed and/or damaged anthropogenic landscapes are also haunted by futures inhabited by progress. The project investigates mining soils in Jesenice, Slovenia, long exploited for heavy metals. Some albino plants have the ability to “soil remediation”, but they are constantly in need of nutritional support.

Alizée Armet lives and works in Bilbao and Bordeaux, got her Ph.D in 2021 at the Universidad del Pais Vasco in Leioa (Upv-Ehu, Spain). Her artistic works have been presented at various exhibitions: Pyrocumulus, Festival Accès Électronique, Billère, France (2023); Stadt.xml, Basis e.V, Frankfurt Am Main, Germany (2019); Festival MEM, Bilbao, Spain (2021); Futur Now, Setsetsetset Gallery, London, UK (2021).