Freeperson – The Digital-Twins Machine
Freeperson – The Digital-Twins Machine

Tao Ya-Lun
VR, performance 2022

When contemporary technology gives birth to the virtual body – a fresh sensory system manifests its existence in the form of ambiguous, elusive “ghosts”

This work connects two physical spaces through the high-speed internet and creates a transmission platform for bodies. Audiences are able to get rid of limitations on physics, time and space, and to freely walk and move in the remote space, but they are surveilled by the program and machine at any time, situated in “a contradictory free state” of free will and machine monitoring, mutual infiltration, mutual compromise and mutual deformation.

Tao Ya-Lun is a pioneer in the Taiwanese new media art scene, a recipient of numerous prestigious honors and awards, including the International Digital Festival of Contemporary New Media Art (MADATAC) in Madrid, Spain, the most iconic contemporary art award in Taiwan – the Taipei Arts Award; and the Taipei County Prize. His works were presented in Media Lab Prado in Madrid, OK Zentrum in Linz, Austria, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in Taipei, the Digital Art Center of Taipei, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art, Hong Kong Arts Center, Headland Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts.