Endless VR Segue
Endless VR Segue

Wojciech Puś
VR, 2022

A poetic essay-dream about identities in process

A sensual fusion of image, light, and sound creates a poetic essay-sen about identities in the process, taking diverse forms – from cinematic fiction to cinematic performances and free situations. The essence of the work is an informal community of performers (from Chile, France, Mexico, Poland, and Ukraine) with different social backgrounds, gender identities, nationalities, or migration statuses. The weave of their personal stories, together with fragments of literary works, film works, diaries, and dream records, creates a mosaic warp that Puś situates in terms of queer abstraction. This aesthetic utopia entails a shift in thinking about gender transformation, extending the experience of transformation to the most universal, existential experience of the individual.

Wojciech Puś combines the aesthetics of experimental film with elements of light installation and video projection, giving them a cinematographic character. His realizations are spatial installations in which he uses moving images, specific light solutions, and soundtracks (often in the form of vinyl). His most recent realizations include: the series “Queer Landscapes” (premiered at the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin festival in the Louvre and Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin), “Endless – Music for Performers” – a record of musical improvisations released by Bocian Records, and a series of cinematic performances: “Endless: Day as Days / Night as Nights” and “Wiatr nas łączy” at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. He is a professor at the Cinematography Department of PWSFTviT.