Doubles, Doubles 23
Doubles, Doubles 23

Marek Chołoniewski
performance, 2023

New and historical pieces performed by the composer

An audiovisual concert/performance featuring a selection of historical and new works by the composer. The presence and performance of Marek Chołoniewski’s works are important for the Biennale’s performative program – both because of the historical continuity of WRO’s relationship with the creator and because of the hybrid form of the works, which combine contemporary music, explorations in the audio-visual sphere and performance.

Marek Chołoniewski is the author of sound and video installations, audiovisual, spatial, and network projects. Since 1984, he has given concerts, courses, and lectures in many countries in Europe, Asia, and North and South America. He is the initiator, artistic director, coordinator, and partner of many international art projects, starting from the Audio Art series (1987), which is extremely important for the history of Polish experimental contemporary music, and the Audio Art Festival (since 1993), through projects in cooperation with WRO (including the Freight Train) to numerous international projects. Currently, Head of the Audiosphere Studio at the Department of Art Areas of the Faculty of Intermedia, J. Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.