Clean Land
Clean Land

Anonymous Filmmaker from Myanmar
video, 2023

I am going to be a civilian, leading a civilian life. I want to go back to school to get a degree

The documentary tells the story about soldier Hein Zaw who joined CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) in Myanmar.

When the coup happened in Myanmar in 2021, the CDM movement was one of the main pillars of the revolution. As a defending soldier, it is not an easy decision to join and shift the side of the revolution. It’s also punishable by death penalty for abandoning post in restricted military service time. After joining the CDM movement, they are staying in liberated areas and preparing to go to the front line.

Anonymous Filmmaker from Myanmar was born in the dictatorship country Myanmar – a country starving for our dreams, hopes and freedom. She was hungry to express herself as a youth under that pressure. The more she tried to find freedom the more she understood they don’t have freedom. When she expresses herself using art, she realises that there is a lot of blocking inside her which is caused by culture, gender differences, the political situation and the way we suffer in psychological patterns.

Her work explores her personal expression and her attempt to criticize political situations. In her early art practice, she mostly focused on performance art. At the same time, she started exploring the camera as a creative medium. She experimented with some video work and became a filmmaker. Being a filmmaker, I get a chance meeting different levels of people in society. Today I use different mediums for my visual language art practice. In the future, she will extend her art practice to socially engaged art. She does believe have a lot of stories to tell the world . She is a storyteller, exploring and reflecting on her own roots and her own voice, through the medium of visual language.