The Attunement program is not so much complementary to the main exhibitions and events as it creates an interchangeable with others (viewers, participants), created through participation and mutual contact, a total form of the Biennale.

The main motif of Attunement is a joint walk between and through the exhibitions of the Biennale as an active form of being together, exploring in movement, personal and at the same time joint observation and insight combined with attunement to other perceptions. The walk is a space for integrating one’s own and other people’s experiences, other perspectives, triggered by the works.

Between point A and point B, there is a third quality of equal value.

We also invite you to experience dimensions of accessibility. Various forms of non-disability, whether sensory, motor, or cognitive non-normativity, in art as a field for extending communication, can find tools for participating in public life.

Following the thoughts of Paulo B. Preciado expressed in 2015 in the excerpt form An Apartment on Uranus: Chronicles of the Crossing: (…) Subjectivity and society are made up of a multiplicity of heterogeneous forces, and cannot be reduced to a single identity, a single language, a single culture or a single name(…), and a single ability.