Art as Attunement
Art as Attunement

EMAP Capacity Building Workshop
at WRO Art Center and online
May 12, 12:00

Join the online meeting:

–> 12:00 – introduction by Dominika Kluszczyk (WRO Art Center)
–> 12:10 – on Art Wires program during 20th Media Art Biennale WRO 2023 Fungible Content by Dagmara Domagała (WRO Art Center)
–> 12.20-13.20 – artists’ talks / audience q&a
–> 13:30 – conclusions

Five artists’ short talks on practices and methods employed in order to relate with the Audience. We will start from a story about building relationships through feasting together (Me AndOtherMe / Anna Pompermaier & Cenk Güzelis), then through games and economic exchange (So Kanno), fixing things and relieving pain (Dasha Ilina), memory and myths (Rosa Menkman) and finish on experiences related to loss of control (Monika Masłoń).

Anna Pompermaier & Cenk Güzelis (Me AndOtherMe) in collaboration with Valdemar Danry,,,
So Kanno
Dasha Ilina
Rosa Menkman
Monika Masłoń

Attunement is a process through which we create relationships. When we attune to others, we allow our inner state to realign and to resonate with the inner state of another person. To use a musical metaphor: when attuning we seek a suitable sound to harmonise with another, sometimes completely different, sound. Usually it is a mutual process, in which our relationship is built on the basis of exchange of individual perspectives, experiences and needs. Similarly, the emergence of an inclusive and accessible art exhibition relies precisely on the creation of space for such an attunement. This process can hinge either on the employment of alternative methods of communication and presentation of an artwork, or a multi-directional interaction with the audience, rooted in a sensitivity to the presence of another person.

As part of WRO 2023 Fungible Content we began the attunement with a cycle of meetings Przewody Sztuki (the Art Wires), which preceded the Biennale. We prepared lectures, exercises and workshops with experts, during which our whole team, preparing the Biennale WRO together with volunteers, were gaining knowledge and experience on inclusiveness tools while working with audiences of various demographics and with sensory disabilities (or with neurodiverse persons who perceive the world from different perspectives), as well as means of facilitating physical access. We began with an assumption whose veracity should undergo critical revision during the EMAP meetings at WRO. It appears that in media art, in its fascinating and continuously expanding spectrum of creative ontology, from installation to web applications, from screen works to artists’ in the flesh or virtual performances, the factor of interaction is the building block of the work. The instruments of communication are sometimes like its raw materials.

The study of capacity-building, resting on a few works selected from the WRO programme, aims to present some aspects of media works from exactly this perspective. In its essence, not necessarily intentionally, although immanently for the discipline, they include a set of various communication devices. In the exhibition process these can be understood as a sensitive system, a system of interaction with the viewer; a system in which the viewer also exists as the attunement factor – with the self, the work and its synergy with the surroundings. During the workshop at the WRO Bienalle we aim to share our experiences and complement the mutual knowledge of the methods of attunement played out in art space based on its practices.

Development: Dominika Kluszczyk, Małgorzata Wrzosek, Dagmara Domagała, Violka Krajewska
Facilitation of the meeting as part of the capacity building workshop: Anna Olszewska [Hegel Ind.]

Hegel Ind. is a post-growth company operating at the core of the neoliberal economy. The enterprise’s mission is to pose questions, design experiments and create models for scientific theories and socio-economic processes. Hegel Ind.’s ‘on-demand’ goods and services for universities, community organisations and cultural institutions involve networking actors, identifying conditions for and co-producing of interventions. The company has been founded in 2021 carrying out the first commissions supporting the activities of CE bio- and media- creative labs.

This project is organised by WRO Art Center as part of the Capacity Building Workshop series of the European Media Art Platform (EMAP), co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe Programme.